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Craft was started Mid October 2004, and i achieved my first test hover in one spot on 11th November 2005. The plans were purchased from ASV Australia and i have stuck to the plans up until the stage of mounting a duct, from that point onwards i'm working off the top of my head which could be classed as a scary thought.

So the main items i'm not sticking with in the plans are , Duct, rudders, length, width, steering, fan assembly and the motor


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Added a FAQ / buyers guide page which is yet to be finished but will add pictures etc as they are availible


Well now that i've been there and done that as far as the hovercraft goes i've decided i need another project. So the hovercraft site is now going to have another area to it devoted to my new project


I went through a moment this month where i got bored at nights so i decided to play with a new gadget i just bought called a MS6115 mains LCD power meter. It measures household electricty usage and out of curiosity i thought i'd check if my monthly power bill was justified. I added my findings to the web just in case someone else went through the same moment of boredom and was wondering how to fill in time hehe. I used to laugh at people that turned things off at the wall cause i just thought they were being tight, but in actual fact i now know it can actually make a bit of a difference. the page with some of my readings is found here


June 22 2007 - Just added a "winter in Alex" section just coz i can



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Specifications :


Length 3.52m (11`6") + extensions total 4 meters

Width 1.98m (6`5") + extensions total 2.14m

Height 1.30m (4`3")

Total weight without payload (max) 400Kg (881lbs), weighed on 23-Jan 06

Cushion pressure not sure fully about this yet either

Empty hull weight - (no motor or parts, just purely hull and duct) 140kg - weighed on 17th Oct 05


Performance (all these readings may vary from the original plans so they are a guideline for now)

Hover height 230mm (9")

Speed -max 100km/h (i've currently taken as far as 60km/h over water and that's it till i'm more confident in how it performs)

Speed cruise 50km/h

Climbing ability

- Static 1 in 6

- Dynamic 1 in 3

Buoyancy not sure, would be more than original plans because i extended and widened the craft

Braking - None, relying on no hangover and good judgment



Hull - Monocoque, Epoxy resin bonded and sealed plywood

Skirt - Extended segment, individually fed, Chip bag on rear material- I'm going to try "polyester Oxford"

Steering - Multi aerofoil balanced rudders controlled by 2 marine push/pull cables


Engine and transmission


Engine - EA82 Subaru (1800cc) 4 cylinder, water cooled

Duct - 950mm diameter double skinned fiber glassed duct with internal reinforcing.

Fan - 9 Bladed Multi-Wing PPG 5ZL blades.

Drive train shaft size - 25mm

Gear ratio - 1.8:1

Fuel capacity - 25 litre plastic marine tank

Cooling system - B14 Nissan Sunny radiator, approximately 400mm by 600mm




*More specs added when available

The start of construction



Updated 29-Oct-2008

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