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Latest pictures as of 29th Sep 08

Below are the latest updated photos of the hovercraft. If there is any specific photos you would like then feel free to let me know and it is no trouble to upload them. Most the pictures you will probably want to click on to enlarge them to see what i'm talking about ( sorry if your on dial up hehe)

The link to the extra updated pages are at the bottom of each page.


This photo and the one beside it are really just a overall look of the craft and as you can see it is still all one colour and still in one piece :-)   The skirts have faded in the sun over the summer period but last time i took it out on the water they still performed as well as they did when they were new. On the underside of the skirt ( where the skirts meet the ground) they are fraying around the edges which is normal. Overall the polyester oxford material i choose to use for the skirts rather than the nylon is holding up pretty well, although like i mentioned they are fraying around the ground contact area they are not ripping or doing anything else of concern so that's a good thing.
On the left hand inner cockpit side just under the hand rail the weather over winter has made a small portion of the paint bubble. This picture doesn't really show it but the picture beside it is a close up of that area.   The bubbling here is not actually a big issue as it hasn't affected it structually but it annoys me that it's there hehe. It is easily fixable but i have choosen not to at this stage because i don't have the paint handy to tidy it back up again once repaired, so for now i'll leave it as is ( the weather here is usually sun for the next 9 months so between that and being under cover i don't see it being a increasing problem) Hopefully next time i'm in dunedin i remember to grab the rest of my paint off Sean ( may mate who painted it)
This is a shot of the base panel for the seat. When i took work mates out for a spin somehow it ended up with a crack right down the panel ( crack is right down the middle of this picture) once again it's not a hard one to fix as it could be fibreglassed on the inside of the panel and therefore not need painting, With a little bit of luck i hope to find some time during a hot day to repair that   This is a picture of the inside of the duct. Because there is only around 4mm clearance between the blades and the duct they have managed to find the high points of the duct and as a result have rubbed through the paint on that area. I have a feeling the black blades have a tendency to flex a little under load so that may of been a contributing factor as well but for the last 4 or 5 times i've had the craft out the marks don't seem to be getting any bigger so i think they have shaped the duct to suit the blades now :-) if you look at this photo you'll see a thick band of reinforcing on the inside of the duct which is around the area that the blades run so it is fairly thick material around that area and is no where near thin enough to cause any concern ( other than scuffing the paint job *sigh* hehe



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Updated September 29, 2008