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Took the craft for another spin today (22 Jan 06 ) and i'm starting to get a bit more confident on how the craft performs, so today i gave it a burst of throttle into a light head wind (so that i had less chance of a plough in hehe) just to see what it could do and the GPS says max speed was 60.8km/h. The picture above is a read out of my GPS showing that at one stage i was in fact doing 58km/h for 15 seconds . Its good to know from my point of view because at 60km/h not only did it feel fast on water but i still had a heap i could of given it but it got a bit freaky for now until i know how it handles at speed. I remember looking at the rev counter and i was sitting at around 5300rpm when i was doing that


  The Nissan radiator that i have in my craft comes with either a single electric fan or a dual fan setup. Previously i had the single fan on it but i have now swapped it for the dual fan. The single fan was only cooling %60 or the radiator and seeing as my air flow through the radiator is not as open as it should be the dual fan covers the whole radiator and does a good job of drawing the air through. The fans come on automatically at 87 degrees and cool the motor down to 81 degrees in about 8 seconds so they are certainly doing what they are meant to.
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I took out the "autometer" gauge and replaced it with a digital temperature gauge from Cruzpro. The original gauge was inaccurate above 80 degrees and i'd prefer to have the peace of mind by knowing exactly what the temperature is doing. It is certainly the expensive option because the Cruzpro gauges don't come cheap but i now know its accurate. The gauge also has built in alarms that can be set if it reaches a "max" temperature reading so that's even handier cause i wont have to keep a eye on the gauge like i used to , all i have to worry about now is if i hear the alarm go off i know its over heating.   During my tests i was doing with the air ducting down to the lower half of my radiator, i had to cut holes in my mesh. Now that i'm not using the air ducting idea i had to renew my mesh. I didn't have any silver mesh left so i've now replaced the silver mesh with red aluminium diamond mesh.
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Went out to Tairei Mouth today which is like 30 min drive from home. Had a blast out on the water for just under 2 hours with no problems at all. Click picture for a closer shot   It was a great feeling to be flying around the water and then taking a shortcut straight from water right over the sand beach then back off the other side and into the water again. Try and do that in your $30,000+ dollar boat hehe






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