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I found the problem with my high rev's. The issue was my rev counter was %15 faster than what it should of been so now that it's re calibrated i recalculated my tip speed and everything is fine. When the rev counter was reading 6200rpm the motor was in fact doing 5270rpm which means my tip speed is in fact 142.97m/s and not the 168m/s i thought it was. So the lesson to be learn't here is .. don't assume your gauges are correct until you have tested them properly against other guages, if needed and don't go throwing money at things untill you've eliminated the basics.

So far with my craft i had what i thought was a overheating problem which turned out to be a faulty brand new temp guage and now this rev issue which turned out to be a rev counter problem. Overall thats not to bad because considering this is my first craft, if the only problems i've had are due to other peoples products and not a design or workmanship fault of my own then i got to be happy with that. :-)


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The pictures nowdays seem to all look the same but thought this one with the grass and trees in the back ground was coulourfull enough to put on the site hehe.   And this one with the water in the back ground was put here to fill the empty space on the page and make the page look symetrical






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Updated August 24, 2008