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The craft is going on 4 years old now so i thought i better add some updated photos of it because it is not quite as shiny as the rest of the site shows it. The overall condition of the craft is still in good working order and does what it needs to, it just has some minor cosmetic issues that can easily be sorted by someone that likes to muck around with things. I notice alot of the emails i get from people enquiring about the craft are from the North Island so if there are any further pictures or questions you want to ask to help clarify your mind before going that step further then feel free to ask.

A few common questions i get asked are listed below :

Q1 ) Is the motor in good condition ?

Yes, to the best of my knowledge there are no obvious faults with the motor. The only trivial fault i know of is that if the craft is not started for a period of time then the hydraulic lifters rattle for the first 5 minutes ( like most Subarus do sooner or later hehe). Before finishing the craft the motor had : new cambelt and tensioner, new waterpump, new rocker cover gaskets, complete carby kit and new oil and filter and new plugs. Since then it has recently had a K&N air filter fitted and the radiator has been stripped and professionally cleaned.

Q2) What gauges does it have ?

It has a digital cruzpro temperature gauge, a rev counter and a clock that has the battery and oil ight incorporated into it.

Q3 ) What condition is the hull in now ?

As mentioned above i will add updated photos soon. The craft has the usual wear and tear to it i.e. faded skirts, a few heat cracks in the paint work here and there but overall it is still in sound condition. On the left hand side of the cockpit area there is some bubbling of the paint/plywood where a bit of moisture has got in over the winter period but once again it's not a cause for concern. There is also a crack down the side of the seat base but that also is not of great concern. Structually it's still all intact and performing well the last time i took it out.

Q4) Does it come with the trailer ?

Yes it comes with a purpose built tilt trailer that you can drive on and drive off. Hovering back on the trailer can be done solo but i haven't quite perfected hovering off and it gets 90% the way off on its own and then for the last %10 you bring it up on hover and can push it off the rest of the way. There are times however that i've managed to park it at the right angle and can get the hover off completely on my own so i'm sure with a little bit of thought and minor engineering it could be improved.

Q5) How fast does it go ?

The original plans from Australia say that with the recommended Yamaha 485 motor it could on a good day get to 100kmh, My craft has a 1800cc Subaru engine and would have no problem getting to 100kmh if you had the balls to travel at that speed with no brakes :-) . I personally have had it up to 60kmh over water and could easily have gone faster but i could hear my wife screaming at me so 60kmh is as fast as i've had it.

Q6 ) What sort of revs does it pull ?

To gain momentum and get moving you bring the craft up to around 5000rpm and then once moving you can crusie easily at 3 - 3500rpm

Q7) Will it hover at idle ?

No it will start to lift of the ground at around 2200rpm so it can successfully sit idling to warm up and not go anywhere.

Q8 ) What size is it ?

Full stats are on the bottom of this page but the craft is 4 metres long and 2.1 metres in width or 2.3 metres in width with skirts inflated.

Q9 ) How big of waves can it handle ?

Not sure as i've never really tried, but i do knnow that i've been out on the water when the waves were just starting to get white caps and i managed it back to shore safely :-)

Q10 ) Why are you selling it ?

I'm selling because i have another project under way and simply don't have the time for it any more.

Q11) Are the skirt fingers readily availible ?

The skirts are custom made but i think from memory that i have 4 or so extra skirt fingers that go with the craft. I also have the original templates that can be given to any upholster to get made.

Q12) Is it stable in the water ?

Yes, i consider it to be very stable

Q13) How many does it hold ?

I've had three adults on it before but personally i prefer and recommend just 2 people. Due to the nature of driving a hover you do tend to shift body weight around a little especially if trying to do 360's and as a result it's much harder to move around when there is 3 adults








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Updated January 27, 2009