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Hore frost in Alex

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This week we started to get a couple of hore frosts in Central Otago. For those un familiar with hore frosts, my interpretation of it is.... when thick fog rolls in off the hills and blocks the sun for days or weeks on end and as a result the air temperature stays cold enough during the day that the fog starts to freeze. Because the fog is usually just above ground level and passing through the trees it starts forming ice crystals on the trees and fences but doesnt seem to effect the ground at all.

The following pictures are actually taken as we drove through the Ide valley and Ophir, because by the time i got out of bed the sun was out and starting to melt all the frost in Alex so i went on the search instead
This fence in the Ide valley has a couple of days of hore frost on it. On some of the fences and gates the frost has built up so much that its almost a solid wall of ice   Even though it looks like snow on the ground everything white here is in fact ice, very spectacular.
As you can see no matter how frosty it gets the roads stay in perfect condition, its a true blessing, no longer do i have to walk to work in the ice like i had to when i lived in Dunedin   A couple of trees just outside Omakau
One would think that it you would freeze your &*^% off in these conditions but its really not that cold at all, granted its 'chilly' but it seems to be a rare day that we get wind or rain during winter and with out the wind chill factor and the breeze off the ocean like Dunedin it really is quite bareable   Closer shot of the tree





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Updated August 24, 2008