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My house in Alexandra 2

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Finally got things unpacked and here is a shot of our lounge. The walls of the whole house are done in plaster in such a way that they have a "cave" look to them, and to those that know what the Lone Star in Dunedin looks like then it looks similar to the way they have thier walls. (same colour too)


  Here is a view of the kitchen with the stainless steel dishwasher to the left and a gas and electric range to the right.
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Just outside our front gate is this short road which leads onto the next picture, 4WD vehicles use this road to go through the river and across to the hills on the other side, apparently there is good 4 wheel driving and motorbike riding to be done on the other side of the river, i havent got that far yet.


  This is the river that flows from the Manorburn Dam and it runs right beside our property. In our old house i built a water feature which was a fountain but this is what i call our new water feature because it flows right down the side of our property and is very audible from our house.
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About 1km up the road from our place is the Manorburn dam (about 5 minute walk, 1 minute drive), During the winter season the upper half of this dam freezes over and the locals play ice hockey and other sports on it. See the next page for photos of the dam frozen over. I reakon if you look close enough to this photo there is a outline of a head coming out of the rock, can you see it ?   This is me getting up close and personal with the Manorburn Dam, now thats what i call a real water feature much better than the water fountain i made for the other house hehe




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Updated November 18, 2009