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My house in Alexandra 3

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Here is the upper half of the Manorburn Dam, we are currently in the tail end of winter so the ice is starting to melt but this shot shows that %90 of it is still frozen over.  

Another angle of the frozen dam, taken from the observation area. The other day when we were here there was people on the ice playing hockey and skating around.


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A closer look. There are random spots where there is no ice and its just water so i think i'll stay on land for now and maybe go out on it next year when it re freezes.   I laugh every time i go past our letterbox. Before leaving Dunedin we bought a letter box that is not far from the size of the average city letterbox , but out here in the country everyone has these huge big manly looking letterboxes and it makes our one (the one under the letterbox to the right) look like a play hut for ya pet hamster, so i think i might have to throw that one away soon and buy something that isn't as embarrassing hehe.
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Took a trip to Clyde today (15min drive from Alex) just to be nosey and stopped off at the clyde dam, certainly looks like a hover destination to me   Heres another angle of the Clyde dam, the water is so smooth and calm it would be a shame to mess it up... but i will be soon hehe




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Updated November 18, 2009