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My latest toy is this ride on lawn mower that i bought. Iv'e got 10 acres of land but luckily i only have to mow probably 1/2 acre of it ( the sheep do the rest) So i bought this lawnmower to help make life easy. It certainly won't win any awards in the beauty and style department but it mows the lawn without me having to do it manually so thats a good thing. Its a 8HP Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine with 4 forward speeds and a reverse. The first thing i done when i got it home was to put a new drive belt on it and grease up the axles


The second thing i done is mounted a beer holder to the side of it, it's all about priorities ya know :-)



It's Mechanical, its petrol driven and just begging out to me to be modified so i'm going to put my thinking cap on and come up with some ideas on what i can do to it. First thought is more speed, but i'll hold off on that for now, maybe something like build a automatic edge trimmer to the side of it *shrug*



My other recent project has been to make a BBQ table. What my wife is sitting on here started off as several lengths of rough cut 2 by 4's and by following plans from the internet i built this BBQ table

  My mother came up last week for a visit and gave me a hand to stain the table to this colour that Stacey picked out.
  Click here to fill in some time and check out me racing around on my rideon
Now we can sit back and relax and start soaking up the summer sun.    








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Updated August 24, 2008