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Lawnmower modifications.



I made another modification to my lawnmower today. It's now officially a weed sprayer and mobile sprinkler system.



The back of the mower has a towbar so i attached a length of box section steel to it and then secured a container of weed spray to it. The container of weed spray has a hose connection on it so that when you attach a hose and turn it on the water that passes over the container also draws a required amount of weed killer with it.


I mounted a length of 25*25 box tubing to the back of the motor and ran the garden hose up the outside of the tubing, added a couple of swivel connections to the hose and then mounted a swivilling bar to the top of the box tubing   After a couple of test drives around the lawn it appears to be working great so now i have another reason on a hot day to crack open a beer and cruise around my garden.







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Updated August 24, 2008