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November 17 2008 - Started making up a main fuel tank and have added some photos to the fuel system section

October 5th 2008 - I've updated several pages of the trike section such as body panels and a few other pictures but have also added a trike videos page because i managed to take the trike for a test drive yesterday and captured it on video.


September 10th 08 - Added a couple more pages to the forward controls section. Havent added a great deal of info just now cause although i've done lots of bits and peices the photos all look the same after a while so i'll still hold off till i got something worth while showing :-). Oh i have made my site compatible with Cooliris which is not too bad as a browser addon for viewing , zooming webpage pictures.

August 2008 - Added some of the things i've done over the winter period, progress has been a little slower but i think we are over the worst of the cold weather now so hopefully i can get back into it all night long. Mainly added a couple of brake pages for now.

July 25th 08 - There hasn't been alot updated on my web page lately about the trike but i am still working on it, it's just at one of those stages where theres nothing worth showing at the moment, i have modified and mounted the harley gas tank, got the gear selector working mounted the exhaust and a few other bits and pieces. Apart from that this month has been dark and cold by the time i get home so i've spent more time indoors than out working on it. I will update pics as soon as the weather gets a bit better.


June 5th 2008 - Added 2 new pages to the leading link section


May 5th 2008 - I've added pages for rear suspension and steering and also have made a start on making up a leading link front end


April 20th 2008 - I've just spent the last 3 weeks doing nothing but ECU and TCM wiring but... the trike now goes and ticks over like a swiss watch.

March 28th 2008 - The frame has been all TIG welded up now and so i've added this slide show


March 16th 2008 - Added a page 7 and 8th page


February 24th 2008 - Added to page 5 and added a new page


Feburary 11th 2008 - Updated trike page 4 and added a page 5

January 18th 2008 - Added to the second page and added a third page


January 8th 2008 - Added the first two pages on my new project of building a trike.


28th March 2007 - Created a Info i found hard to find section to my web site. It is not hovercraft related but its all about things that i struggle to find over the net and eventually work out, so this section of my site is dedicated to providing that info just in case someone else is in the same boat.

March 11th 2007 - Added a link to the Info page which is a page with information and specs relating to the craft that maybe informative to anyone that wants to know a little more about the current state of the craft prior to purchasing it :-)

28th feb 2007 - Added a video to the video page showing how to do donuts on land

10th January 2007 - I've decided that now that i've been there done that, it's time to move on to something else, so in the next week or so i'm continplating putting the craft up FOR SALE on TradeMe. Asking price is $19,500 NZD and that includes my fully operational hovercraft and trailer (price is what they go for over here for a similar spec craft, if taking into account the exchange rate then its approximately $14,000USD, $7,000 British pounds or $17,500AUD ). Shipping is to be arranged by the new owner. If your interested and need more info then click contact me to get in touch

8th November 2006 - Not much to report at the moment other than i made some lawnmower modifications


30th September 2006 - Updated the House page with roll over images just to show friends and family the differance the place looks now that it's Spring

Not a great deal happening on the hovering side of things at the moment but i have added a new page showing my Latest projects, also updated my Video page with a video of my newest toy and also relisted my Newspaper articles page


3rd September 2006 - It's the start of spring and if todays weather is a indication of what i'm to look forward to then i'm going to be using the hover as a air conditioning unit as well as a form of transport hehe. I added yet another video to my Video's page,


27th August 2006 - I took the craft out on the Clyde Dam for a run around this weekend so i added a short video clip to the video page.

It's not a very exciting video but it does highlight a usefull tip that can be used for any motor sport.

Added another video to my video page from todays hovering around my front paddock.

19th August 2006 - Just added extra pages to the house in Alex section, and on this page i've taken some pictures of some prime hovering locations that i'll have to test out. There is also another short video on my Video page just of me crusing my front lawn. Fixed a couple of compatibility issues with viewing my page using Firefox and also added some DHTML code to jazz up the pictures further down this page :-)

31 July 2006 - Added a My Alex house page with pictures of the new house i just moved to.

25 July 2006 - Only 2 days of work left then i'm off to Alex to live, still havent had a chance to take the hover out but i'm hoping that will all change once i move. I have come across the only downside to moving to the new house and that is that i'm moving to a area that is too far away from Telecoms out of date telephone exchange which means that i will no longer be able to get broadband internet *sigh* so i'll be dropping down to a dial up connection after approx 6 years of high speed internet (you could imagine how depressed that makes me).

( The following is my opinion and im entitled to it) Telecom NZ (who own all NZ's phone lines and exchanges) would have to be one of the worst money hungry companies in NZ and have so far had the monopoly in the market, which is why we are ranked something like 23rd worst in the world for internet speeds etc but hopefully one day soon that will all change and they will upgrade all thier phone exchanges which means i'll get broadband back. In the meantime i'll find some other way to upload any new video's etc to my site.

The NZ Hover link to my MSN group has been removed due to lack of activity

July 13th 2006 - Towards the end of the month (July 29th 06) i'm moving from the city life in Dunedin to Alexandra in Central Otago. I've found a new job up there and have organised a house to rent. The house is a 7 year old 3 - 4 bedroom Eco House situated on 10 acres of land so i might have to start taking the hovercraft down to the mail box to collect my mail hehhe. I've lived in Dunedin for 35 years and shifting to Alex is really putting me out of my comfort zone but from what i've heard from various programmes on TV is that sometimes to achieve your dreams or goals you may have to do things that make you feel uneasy at first. I've always wanted to move to Alex so I'm happy to feel un easy for a while. Alex is a popular holiday destination for us South Islanders due to the hot temperatures and abundance of nearby lakes and rivers, so it should give me several oppertunities to take the hovercraft out and finally start using it more frequently. It's all very exciting from my point of view.

June 24th 2006 - Added a "Paypal donations button" to the top of this page just in case anyone felt the desire to help me maintain the costs of having over 40mb of hovercraft related info on the net.

May 3rd 2006 - Still not alot happening as far as hovercrafting goes, i've taken the craft out on a couple of grass fields lately but apart from that winter is almost here and it's been too cold to take it out on the water and have any decent time in it. It's getting kinda boring taking it out on my own all the time too so i'll have to save some money and go for a venture inland to some different areas of New Zealand or something. I havent been updating the web page much because there's nothing new to to add. Now that the craft is finished all the pics that i take look the same but just at different angles, so i have'nt added much at all. Added two pictures to the Random 3 Page and thats about all.


April 16th 2006 - Not alot new on the hovercraft seen at the moment although i have managed to take it out for a blast around the local rugby field now that the rev counter is calibrated and it turns out my maximum rev on full throttle is just over 5200rpm. Apart from that my computer decided to give up the other night whilst i was sleeping and it turens out that my motherboard had around 13 leaking compacitors. Sadly for me they no longer make or sell socket A motherboards brand new so i had to do some searching until i found a second hand one on trade me which is NZ's answer to ebay. At least it will tie me over for a couple of months till i can upgrade my PC to a 64bit system. Anyway i'm glad to have my pc running again cause having to use my old 266mhz hewlett packard that i bought 8 years ago was soooo painfull.


March 31st 2006 - Found the fault with my rev problem so i'm now a happy man again, the answer i put on this page Random page 3 so now just got to wait for a break in the weather and i'll be back out hovering. I still intend to check the static thrust on the craft but haven't got the equipment for that yet.

20th March 2006 - Due to a lack of money this month everything has pretty much come to stand still and it will probably be that way till mid April or so. Something that's got me thinking is that my motor revs to a maximum of 6200rpm so i tweaked the blades around to 50 degrees to see what difference it makes and nothing noticeable changed (which is weird) so i done some calculations and if the motor is revving at 6200rpm then that means my fan blades are going at 168m/sec which is the absolute maximum multi-wing claim the blades should spin at, so i need to work out if my motor is in fact reading correctly on the rev counter and if so then why is it revving so high.

The craft performs ok but all calculations point towards that, with a set up like mine when the blades are set to 45 degrees the fan should absorb all the engines 90 horsepower by 4800rpm, but it's not, so my next step is to find a method to measure the static thrust. Unfortunately finding some spring balances that will measure over 200KG thrust is proving difficult. If i can get the fan to absorb all the engine horsepower then that will lower my tip speed as well which is a win win situation. I now hear that the black PPG blades are in fact low speed blade and are more likely to fly apart than what the PAG multi wing blades would, so when i'm more financial i may end up changing to the PAG blades.

Added a Hovering on ground video and a old news page where i'll put previous news listings that i had on my site. Updated the tips page with a tip speed calculator. I also got bored and decided it was well over due to fix the spelling mistakes on my web site and i think 2 pages out of 63 pages didn't have any spelling mistakes. (remember i'm a mechanic not a typist )

February 19th 2006 - Took the craft out on the harbour today which is the first time i've managed to get it out since putting the dual electric fans and digital temperature gauge in it. and i'm a happy man now because the craft never overheated once, in general it sat around 88 degrees and went to a maximum of 93 degrees C when i was giving it heaps into the wind. So in the end the vents in the side of my seat area are sufficient, all that was needed was a extra electric fan fitted to maximise air flow through the vents. A reporter from the local newspaper (ODT) came down today to do a article on the hovercraft so that was nice. The reporter quoted my wife saying that she learnt heaps whilst i was building the craft, like using a rivet, which made us laugh, she now wishes she had said like using various power tools but it gives me something to give her heaps about hehe. Updated the Random 2 page.

February 5th 2006 -Updated the Random pics 2 page. Nothing of real interest but i just felt the urge to add something to the site. I also just added some more useless tips that i just thought of :-)

Jan 30th 2006- The latest on my running hot scenario is ... Today i run two pieces of 65mm diameter pipe from the tops of the deck down to the vents in the side of the seat in order to try and force air through the radiator and then we went out to the lake and had another blast around on the water, it's so cool and i'm getting the hang of it now :-)

Anyway the temperature gauge still read around 98 degrees C so i took the engine cover off and went for a blast on the lake and the craft actually ran 10 degrees hotter without my engine cover (I'm picking that's because the radiator was getting no assistance from the main fan anymore). I took a couple of friends out for a tour of the lake even though the temp gauge said it was running hot. Eventually we packed up and headed back home. My wife and I called into work to run some tests on the craft and come to the conclusion that my temp gauge reads accurately up until 80 degrees C and from that point on it starts reading in accurately. At 100 degrees on the dash temp gauge it is in fact 95 degrees C and as a general rule the craft usually runs about 98 degrees on the gauge therefore in actual fact its only actually 93 degrees and not really overheating at all :-). The fan switch kicks in at 87 degrees and shuts off again at 81. We also checked for blown head gasket whilst at work and that looks fine as well. For some reason the gauge gets even less accurate when cooling back down again. By the time the water had cooled to 81 degrees the temp gauge was still reading 90 degrees, so i think its time to update the craft to the digital age and get a new gauge hehe.



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