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I got bored one day and decided to look into why the bills from our Electricity company were so large. I came across a handy wee gadget which is a mains power meter. You simply plug it into the mains socket and then plug your appliance into it. It has a LCD display that shows you the Voltage, Amps, Watts, Max Watts, KWh and you can program in your current electricity price per KW and it will auto matically calculate how much that particular appliance has cost you to have on.

I decided to do some tests around the appliances in my house and this is what i come up with.

Prices are in NZD and based on the current charge from Contact energy of 0.19c per unit. The prices shown are calculated at 25c per unit and that allows for GST and meter charges etc. Months are calculated at 30days.

1 Unit of electricty is equal to 1000Watts or 1KW

There is another website i found from a guy in NZ that has done far deeper research than what i have and he worked out that for his house alone he was wasting $400 odd dollars a year in leaving appliances on standyby. So far my readings have determined that the largest consummer of electricty in my house on a daily basis is my waterbed. I used to always think they ran at about 20cents a day but they don't , mine is 90cents a day but its one of the items i wouldnt trade for the world so i dont mind paying for it.

Appliance Watts in standby Watts during usage Total Consumption in 24Hours Price per month Price per day
Queeen sized waterbed 0 328 3.6 KW $27 90c
Russel Hobbs Jug

71Watts in simmer mode

7watts on standby

Westinghouse fridge/freezer 22 watts just fan going 108watts 1.7KW $12.75 42c
Deep freezer - 50litre 0 110 - Max was 396 1.2KW $9.00 30c
32" Sony triniton TV 21 80 (on for 9hours a day) 720w $5.40 18c
Sony surround sound /DVD player 0 26 (on for 9 hours a day) 234w $1.70 0.05c
Sky decoder 12 12 (on for 9 hours a day) 108w 81c 0.027c
TV,DVD,Sky,14w lamp 33 130 (on for 9 hours a day) 1.17KW $8.80 29c
TV,DVD,Sky,14w Lamp 33 130 (on for 9 hours and standby for 15 hours ) 1665w $12.50 41c
My wifes 1.8Ghz atx pc with printer, dual monitors, sub and speakers 45 average of 97 2.328KW $17.46 58c
My wifes pc as above 45 average of 97 (on for 12 hours, standby for 12) 1.7KW $12.75 42c
My wifes pc as above 45 average of 97 (on for 12 hours, unplugged for 12) 1164w $8.73 29c
My PC , dual monitors, network switch, 2.08Ghz atx pc, surround sound system and loads of other stuff plugged into it   average of 93 ( on for 9 hours a day) 837w $6.27 20c
Pump house - Water pump 0 875 700w $5.25 17.5c
5 * 14w CFL light bulbs 0 14w each = 70w 840w for 12hours $6.30 21.5c
Washing Machine - Samsung SW65ASP- 3 star energy rating. 0 728 0.1KW to do a heavy cold wash that took 59min   0.3cents
Fisher & Pykel Dish draw dish washer 7w cant recall because i forgot to write the readings down when i tested it. I do recall that the wash was a heavy cycle that took just under 2 hours to complete just under 2 hours it cost only 20cents to do a heavy load of dishes in the dish washer   20cents


I will say that saving $4 a month for switching just 1 appliance off when not in use doesnt sound like alot but if you have 4 appliances that save about $4 each then work it out over a year or 2 and it sounds alot worse hehe

EG: 1 appliaance saves $4 a month if switched off when not in use ( like my PC or Home theatre system )

then 4 appliances saves $16 a month if switched off when not in use

thats $16 * 12months = $192 a year or $576 for nothing over three years

So far based on what i have tested if i turn the home entertainment system, wifes pc and my pc off at the wall when not in use i will save around $144 a year in electricity, that means registration for one car is almost free for the year, or... thats almost 4 * 24packs of beer. At the moment since i've been monitoring the KW i average 20 KW a day usage, so far i can only account for 12.5KW so i'm still looking for things to test.

I haven't listed the hot water because that is on a seperate meter and is not apart of the 20KW per day average



Updated 24-Aug-2008

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